Fourth response: How is it possible to read something wrong?

| February 12, 2014

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read the files that I will upload and this book:
Thurber, James. (1964/1938). The Macbeth murder mystery. In The Thurber Carnival. New York: Dell Publishing Co., pp. 60-63.
** to help you answer this question:How is it possible to read something wrong?
# that not means to make summary about what you read, but what you read help you to thinking more and find the answer. you can write your opinion and what you thing the good answer for this question.
**please I do not want summary I want answer the question by giving your opinion and what do you think. again I will lose my grade if you write summary – My professor said When I evaluate your response, I will ask myself the following questions: • Does the response accurately reflect the ideas in the reading? • Is the response persuasive (coherent and logically compelling)
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