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| May 19, 2015

Choose any four mobile applications of the same industry from Qatar, GCC region and worldwide (preferably one or two from Qatar, one from the GCC and one international). This can be, for example, mobile apps for social networking, banking, telecommunication service providers, shopping or any type of apps that you frequently use in Qatar or in the GCC. Evaluate the selected apps based on the criteria given below and write a report. Start your assignment with an introduction containing a brief description of the mobile apps and the reason you selected those apps for the comparison in this project.
Things to look for and think about in a web site:

– Does the name of the app clearly reflect its purpose or the name of its owning company?

– Is it easy to spot the app through popular app markets (e.g. Google Play, App Store)?

– How popular the app is? Does it show many downloads/installations? How well is it rated?

– Are there different versions of the app so it can be used on other devices (e.g. tablets)?

– Is the app available for different platforms?

– Is the app user-friendly?

– Now your turn! Think of four / five more criteria to evaluate and compare the same apps. The

criteria should be relevant to what you have learned in the course and should also be actual and properly related to the purpose of the project. Use research, your common sense, experience and new knowledge in completing this requirement.
Spirit of an Entrepreneur! As an entrepreneur working on a newly started business in the same industry, what will be your recommendations and major steps for creating a new mobile application to support your new business? The above analysis can be a base for your recommendations. You may also include additional preferences and suggestions to ensure the success of your app.

Prepare a power-point presentation for this project containing of 15 slides.


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