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| June 19, 2015

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Part 1 (35%) approx. 1000 words (Theoretical Review of Marketing)

Identify key themes in the academic literature on how marketing is successfully applied to launch a new product / service.

In this section students are required to review at least TWO academic journal articles and TWO books on how various aspects of the marketing mix and other areas of marketing contribute to the successful launch of a new product.

Please Note: Reviewing only the minimum number of articles / books is likely result in a lower mark.

The tasks that you need to undertake in this part of your report include:

• Compare and contrast digital and traditional communication in launching a new product / service

• Identify the role of each category of the marketing mix in helping a company successfully launch a new product / service

Part 2 (30%) approx. 1000 words (Marketing Application by the Company)

How was Marketing applied, by your selected company, to successfully launch their new product / service.

In this section students are encouraged to address the following:

• Discussion on who is the key target group of customers for the company’s new product / service

• Examples of how your selected company applied the Marketing Mix when launching their new product / service

• THREE recommendations on how marketing can be successfully applied to launch a new product /service.


Presentation of report (5%)

Five Marks are allocated for presentation of the report. This includes ensuring that the report does not have any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and all citations are correctly referenced using the Harvard system.


The report must highlight both the academic and practical application of marketing concepts. This report should contain clear and appropriate references to relevant theory and concepts – use of the Harvard referencing system is compulsory.

This report can be up to 2000 words in length (plus/minus 10%) excluding the reference list and any appendices (maximum 2 appendices). Any work exceeding this length will not be included in the mark. Appendices should only be used to support what is in the report and not be considered as a way of reducing the word count.

Please note students are encouraged to read a wide range of academic and practitioner publications to gain a richer and deeper understanding of marketing principles. A prudent investment in reading will pay dividends in helping produce a well-informed piece of academic work.


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