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| July 21, 2015

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Give an example of a good decision that you made that resulted in a bad outcome. Also give an 

example of a bad decision that you made that had a good outcome. Why was each decision good or 

bad? Please specify the criteria you used in making these decision. (You need to specify one of 

the decision criteria on Slide 3-11 or the utility criterion on Slide 3-71 and explained how you 

applied it to your specific example.) Why sometimes good decisions may lead to bad outcomes and 

vice versa? 

Slides attached

Please use this as 1 of the references: (if needed)

Render, B., Stair, R. & Hanna, M. (2011). Quantitative Analysis for Management. (11th Ed). 

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.


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