Forty Studies that Changed Psychology

| August 19, 2015

Write a critical review of the book as a whole. This review should be a brief essay (three pages). A critical review should briefly introduce the book, summarizing the author’s main argument and key points. It should evaluate how well the book makes its argument: the quality of writing, reasoning, evidence, etc. It should express your thoughts as a reader on the value of the book, to you and/or to other readers. Ultimately you are trying to decide whether to recommend the book and, if so, to what kind of reader, for what purpose, and with what reservations. Go beyond broad generalizations and empty praise or criticism. Elaborate; explain; give specific examples. If someone reading your review can make a well-informed judgment about the book, you’ve done your job well. Credit will relate to the quality of your writing (not the views you express). As a student new to psychology, it is understood that your background knowledge is limited, so you should base the review on your perspective as a layperson. Give specific information to illustrate your thinking. Edit your writing carefully so that your thoughts are well organized and clearly expressed (in grammatically correct sentences) The book you should be writing about is Hock, Roger R. (2012), Forty Studies that Changed Psychology (7th Edition) and it should be read.

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