Formal and Informal Resolutions to Ethical Dilemmas

| February 28, 2015
Formal and Informal Resolutions to Ethical Dilemmas
Not every ethical dilemma calls for a formal system of reporting. For every major ethics controversy that requires a formal approach,
countless other dilemmas are resolved using an informal approach. It is important that psychology professionals hone their ability to
evaluate situations in order to apply the appropriate approach—formal or informal—in resolving ethical dilemmas.
For this Discussion, read Section 1.04 in Chapter 4, (See attached), “Standards for Resolving Ethical Issues,” in Decoding the Ethics
Code. Then select one of the scenarios from Fisher or describe one you have experienced or witnessed.
1. A description of the scenario you selected.
2. Then provide examples of one formal and one informal ethical resolution to this ethical issue and explain why they are formal or
3. Include in your explanation potential outcomes of both types of resolutions in this scenario.
4. Then explain which is the most appropriate in resolving the ethical dilemma depicted in the scenario and why.

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