Forest Fire Ecology: Effects of fire on the Pine forests and the Canarian Lizards in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

| February 17, 2014

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We are going to Tenerife for a research project about fire ecology so we have been ask to write a research proposal. Topic is Fire Ecology. I will need a scientific title 25 words maximum, Title of press release 15 words, scientific abstract 150 words maximum, Press release 100 words, background/justification/aim/objectives 500 words, field methods including justification of the methods used 500 words, field logistics, timetable and risk assessment for the field activities and how those risks can be minimised 250 words, and finally 12 references thanks. Below is the template of what is to be done: Assignment 1: Project proposal (Please word process, use Arial font size 11 and expand the boxes accordingly, within the word limits) Student name: Project Title Fire Ecology Titles (10%) Scientific title of your project (max. 25 words) Title of Press release (max. 15 words) Summaries (10%) Scientific abstract (max. 150 words) Press release (max. 100 words) Background/Justification and aim/objectives – max. 500 words (20%) Background/justification: Aim: To achieve this aim, we have the following objectives: Field methods (including justification of methods used) – max. 500 words (20%) Field logistics, timetable, and risk assessment for field activities – max. 250 words (10%) Timetable and logistics Risk assessment Risks identified 1. 2. 3. etc How these risks will be minimised 1. 2. 3. etc Reference list – containing at least 12 references (10%) e.g. (follow this format or one from a relevant journal) Garcia, J.D.D., Arevalo, J.R. & Fernandez-Palacios, J.M. (2007). Road edge effect on the abundance of the lizard Gallotia galloti (Sauria : Lacertidae) in two Canary Islands forests. Biodiversity & Conservation 16: 2949-2963.
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