Forensic Psychology

| April 23, 2014

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1. Your critique should be 4-5 double-spaced typed pages, 12-pt. font, default margins.
2. In 1-2 pages, summarize the literature review. Discuss the problem statement: What is the focus of the current study? Why is this study important? (15 pts)
3. Results and Discussion section: Discuss the main findings of the article. How are the findings relevant to forensic psychology? (15 pts)
4. Analysis: What issues are left unanswered from the study? How might the study be improved or what other issues should be explored in more depth? (20 pts)
5. Subhead each of these sections in your paper as follows: Summary and Literature Review; Results and Discussion; and Analysis.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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Forensic science investigation and technology


Category: Forensic Science

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