foreign policy analysis- how meida will influence foreign policy making in different regimes of states

| April 23, 2014

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Hello, it is a research paper in the area of foreign policy making. My research question is how mainstream newspaper will influence the foreign policy making of different regimes of countries. And my hypothesis is the democratic states will adjust more foreign policy than autocratic ones due to the influence of newspapae reporting.
1. I will upload my research question in details and I also list the wording requirements
2. please could you find some more theoretical literature review about my research topic.
3. the theoretical argument is the most important part in this research paper and I am struggling with this part and please could you pay more attention to it?
4. I would like to use content analysis. I want to find two mainstreams newspaper, one from democratic states and the other one from autocratic ones. through content analysis, I want to examine their politician’s standpoints.
Thanks very much and please contact me anytime for any vague instruction~
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