Foreign policies challenges

| May 8, 2015

Extra Credit Assignment: Spring 2015

GS 423

Dr. Tiest Sondaal



Research Question: Which are the three biggest foreign policy challenges/threats facing Saudi Arabia and how should it tackle them?


Explanation: Since March 26th an international coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been carrying out air strikes against Houthi rebels and troops loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Many analysts and political commentators are discerning a more assertive Saudi foreign policy. Whereas in the past Saudi Arabia worked behind the scenes and employed proxies on its behalf, in recent years it has been more vocal and assertive in announcing and protecting its key vital security interests.


Against this background, this essay assignment asks you to highlight the three most pressing foreign policy challenges facing Saudi Arabia (start with the greatest followed by the second and the third most pressing challenge).


After briefly explaining why this issue is a major foreign policy challenge, discuss the foreign policy tools that are needed to tackle this challenge – diplomacy, financial aid, economic tools (sanctions, offers of economic assistance), and the (threat) or use of force. In addition, explain if unilateral, bilateral or multilateral actions are the most effective in realizing Saudi Arabia’s goals in the face of the three challenges you deem most urgent.


As in previous assignments, make sure your paper has a clear beginning, middle, and end. After introducing the topic, use a separate paragrahp for each of the three challenges. Use key terms and concepts (territorial integrity, proliferation, geopolitics, etc.) and provide specific examples to illustrate your points. Make sure your paper has an internal logic meaning your conclusions derive naturally from your assumptions and examples. Proof read before you submit your work and have someone else read it as well to minimize the chances of unnecessary errors.


Total words: Between 600-1000 words.


Letter type and font size: Times New Roman, 12-font, and double-spaced.


Due Date: Thursday, May 14th

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Annotated Bibliography
Was the Bush Doctrine a radical departure in American Foreign Policy or simply a sensible reaction to new realities?

Category: Political Science

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