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| November 25, 2015

Research Report Guidelines SF-350   10 Points available for an A, 7.5 for a B, No points for C

The paper will be written as a Standard Operating Procedure or as a “White Paper” informing the reader of the topic chosen.  You will identify and discuss the topic or procedure in a paper of not less than 7 pages using 12 pitch, Times New Roman font, and double spaced. You may include diagrams, drawings, illustrations, or pictures but your word count mustequal a minimum of 1,800 words.

The above paragraph is written using 12 pitch, Times New Roman font, double spaced, but is italicized.

The due date is November24th.

Part of the purpose of the assignment is to test your ability to properly format, and present in a concise manner an SOP, which any reader could easily follow and understand. When working in the business world you usually do not receive explicit instructions on “how to do it” but you do receive instructions on what your superiors want. It defeats the purpose of this assignment to give any more instructions than are in the italicized paragraph above. I believe it is sufficient to say that your grade will be based on both the content and form of the SOP.  Forget using APA format except for the grammatical requirements, pitch, spacing and paper length given above.

From Webster’s dictionary, “SOP, a set of fixed instructions or steps for carrying out usually routine operations”.  A white paper is an, “authoritative report summarizing policy or procedure”.

If you have not been exposed to an SOP, I suggest you go to the library and research the form.There are no citations in an SOP but I would like a reference page, not counted as one of the six pages.

SF-350 Research Topics

  1. Identify and discuss the roles of every organization (except ARFF) involved in an Airport disaster involving mass casualties and hazardous materials. Scenario – aircraft overran the runway and crashed into the bay at the end of the runway


  1. Describe the responsibilities of the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting personnel and the tactical methods and equipment requirements for ARFF units in the above scenario.


  1. Prepare a full scale airport emergency exercise identifying a probably scenario at Daytona International Airport. Describe the organizations involved and their role based on the scenario you identify.


  1. Identify and discuss the principles involved in search & rescue, extrication, triage, emergency medical services, body and property management, accident investigation, and aircraft recovery.


  1. Prepare a SOP (standard operations procedure) paper identifying and discussing safety and aircraft hazards.  Address the following issues, Personal protective equipment, terrorist incidents involving CBNRE, and hazards associated with aircraft fire fighting and dangerous good.


  1. Prepare an extinguishing agent SOP (standard operating procedure) for the use of each type of extinguishing agent and class of fire identified in this class. Describe the proper technique to apply the agent also. Hydrocarbon fires as well as polar solvent fires are to be included.


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