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| September 19, 2016

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Submitted by rwwehqlt on Mon, 2016-09-05 22:07
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For Professor2013
This question shall include two homework assignments where both assignments will need completed. The agreed upon price will include both assignments, therefore, the price will be total for both assignments. These homework assignments require 1-1.5 pages maximum length answers for all questions on each assignment. Not looking for anything exponentially long for answers. Just short, concise answers for each question, and I am looking for completion of both assignments by tomorrow evening, 09/06/16. Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to working with you one-on-one.
Submitted by Miss Professor on Tue, 2016-09-06 03:55
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xxxxxxx Errors and confidence interval.
xxxx of student:
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date of xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx errors.
xxxxxxx which xx xxxx referred to xx bill xx tab xx xxxxxxx as x commercial xxxxxxxx xxxxx is issued xx x seller to buyer containing all xxxxxxx about the sell xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx indicating xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx and xxx values xxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxx for xxx stated xxxxxxxxx It also states the xxxxxxx xxxxx which are supposed xx be xxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx made xx the xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx invoice xxx generally xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx submission to xxx buyer xxxxxx In our xxxx xxxxx are xxxxx factors which lead xx invoice errors. There are errors xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx by xxx customers’ size, customer location xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx
xx Nature of xxx effects of the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Specialty xxxxxxx type xxx xxx highest correction xxxxxxxxxxx which xx xxx xxx this means that the xxxxxxxxx
– – – more text follows – – –

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