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| September 25, 2015

Assignment : Day & Ross Transportation Group – Upon graduation from  University, you have a joined a prestigious management consulting firm.  They have put you onto a project team that has been engaged to undertake an analysis of theindustry and regulatory environment within which Day & Ross operates.  Your industry analysis should take the form of a five forces analysis.  Please identify and assess each of the five forces and recommend whether it is an attractive industry to enter into. Please identify the key barriers to entry. Please assess the competitive environment in terms of its level of complexity and change.* Please also identify some of the key performance metrics in this industry and briefly describe the market structure.  In terms of the regulatory assessment, please identify the key regulators, the key industry associations and document the important industry issues from the points of view of the regulators and the industry players. Please reference online information sources appropriately using endnotes. Please end the analysis with a discussion regarding implications. In other words, after gathering the data, so what? What does it mean?  


Suggested Readings:

  • Michael Porter 2008 The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy. Harvard Business Review 86 (1) 78 – 93
  • Wikipedia note on Market Structure
  • * See Duncan, R. (1972) Characteristics of Perceived Environments and Perceived Environmental Uncertaintly.
  • Administrative Science Quarterly, 313-327.


students will undertake 7 written case assignments. The focus of seven of these assignments will be to respond to the specific questions. These are described further on in this course outline.  Each assignment shall be limited to three single spaced pages plus diagrams and appendices. A paper version or hard copy of the assignment shall be handed at the start of class which it is due. Please use APA style when citing and referencing information.



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