| May 21, 2015

View: Food Matters (80 min).
o I have attached the video .
II. Select 2 of the 4 questions listed below
1. Describe how/if Food Matters has changed any of your attitudes towards food or disease?
2. What is the most important idea/lesson that you will take from viewing this video?
3. What is one concrete idea that you can implement in your own life to improve your health and the health of your family?
4. Discuss one expert’s comments during the video and your reaction.
III. Locate one article from a scholarly nursing journal to support the information addressed during this video clip. Students only need to use the one article referenced for one of the questions discussed in the initial post. The article does not need to be referenced for the peer reply.

Discussion Board. (The reference is only needed for one of the above questions included in the initial post).
5. Examples of scholarly journals include; American Journal of Nursing, Nursing 2014, Maternal-Child Nursing Journal, Journal of Nutrition, etc. Be prepared to reference this information in this Discussion Activity. Be prepared to reference this article and it’s information when posting your responses.



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