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| August 19, 2015

i have a coursework to do it with you , i already did mine but it was a bit weak so thy did not give a good mark
its about food adjustment my choice was strawberry jam the adjustment is to remove the sugar and use an arrow roots
i will send you all the instructions of the coursework ,results of the student
500g fruit
500g sugar
21g lemon juice
50g water – optional
Put fruit, sugar, lemon juice and water (if using strawberries) in a large pan, set over heat and stir until sugar dissolves and contents begin to boil rapidly.
Take care not to burn the jam – if sugar caramelises, jam does not taste nice.
Keep an eye on the jam and look for the moment when steam bubbles in jam are produced slowly and jam appears to be boiling less rapidly.
At this point, jam might be spitting and making a sound. Please exercise caution as per safety instructions on the top of this sheet.
Plan and execute one of the following:
1. Jam with no added sugar
2. Jam with 50% of the original quantity of sugar
3. Jam with jam sugar instead of granulated sugar
4. Jam with no added sugar but with sweetener and pectin
5. Jam with no added sugar or pectin but with sweetener
6. Jam with no added sugar but with pectin

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