follow a method similar to that which we've been discussing. FLUSSER

| April 30, 2015

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Two of Vilem Flusser’s books of essays. “GESTURES” VILEM FLUSSER and NATURAL MIND In the course of your reading and our discussions, we have tried to identify the method by which his peculiarly “de-familiarizing” writing proceeds.

In your own analysis, I ask you to develop and follow a method similar to that which we’ve been discussing. You may focus on whatever you wish – be it a gesture (as was the case in Gestures), a natural phenomenon (as was the case in Natural: Mind), or an entirely different class of objects.

It is important to write about some kind of gesture which has to be similar to how Flusser writes in his book. Or entirely different class of objects but if it will be about some kind of gesture it will be better. It is important to take a look at the book or research and find out more about the way FLUSSER writes. It can also be a natural phenomena.

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