Focusing on these 2 contemporary spaces," Council House (CH2)" and"the Melbourne convention and exhibition center (public building)

| May 19, 2015

Philosophy of interior architecture

Focusing on these 2 contemporary spaces,” Council House (CH2)” and”the Melbourne convention

and exhibition center (public building) aim is to create comparative study that engages with some

of the theoretical ideas, structure ideas logically, using images(photos, sketches ,plans

,elevations)to support your text .the theoretical ideas are:

What is an interior /space/phenomelogy /social interaction in the space/total


The structure of writing is:

1/Introduction (describe with general information, location, designers)

2/interior space: begin with describing the interior, compare and contrast, analyses major

difference, and similarities, and analyses each space and elements and material that give the space


3/atmosphere: how the designers has created atmosphere, do any elements such a sound or smell

contribute to the atmosphere of your spaces?

4/total design: interiors are designed with people in mind! How people use these spaces? What

kind of people? How do the main design elements you have discussed above affect the users of the


5/conclusion: end your writing with a strong paragraph that sums up some main points, and finish

with your analysis suggest about contemporary interiors design in Melbourne, with complete



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