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| March 13, 2014

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Guidelines Article Review – Strategic Management Course
1. Read the whole and article and understand the whole idea
2. Identify the key points from the article
3. Highlight the main facts, concepts, and ideas. You may need to read some articles several times
4. Connect the main ideas from the article
5. Compose the whole ideas in your own words
• From what you understand, highlight the words or phrases that capture ideas that you think are significant—ideas, facts or concepts that you would want to describe to your friends or family if you were to tell them about what you had just read. If the material is technical or highly specialized—consider what you would tell classmates in a simple way.
• Highlight only what you understand, what is meaningful to you, and what you could explain or describe to someone else. Don’t highlight something just because it sounds important.
• Sometimes you need to put an article aside if you can’t understand it yet. That’s OK. When you learn something new, you need to be able to connect the new idea to something you already know. Maybe you need a different description of the new idea, with different words or examples. Or maybe you need to think about it for awhile. Don’t be discouraged.
• You can choose what’s important as you go along. As you read more articles you learn more about the subject as you put together information from several articles—you begin to see a big picture.
• For a long scientific study, begin by reading the abstract, introduction, and conclusion. Then go back through the article again and read the heading and first paragraph of each section of the study. When you understand the general “story” of the research project, go back and read it again for details.
1. Do not report how the article is written
2. Do not cited back sentences from the article
3. Do not write the names or sources of citation in your text.
4. Do not write the details from the article like examples, steps, process etc
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