Focus- A Literary Analysis

| February 15, 2014

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Required book- “Focus” written by Arthur Miller.
Hello, so we need to really focus on this book and work on this assingment like really organized and completed as much as my prof expects. My frof is African American and she is so proud of her job as a being teacher in college. She’s been giving me only C’s and i really need to get at least b in this class which means i need to get an A on this assigment. Please please think my order as yours and work on it carefully. This is an argument about the work that express a writer’s personal perspective, interpretation, judegment, or critical evaluation of ther work. so here is the instruction of my final assignment.
this is complished by examining the literary devices, word choices, or writing structures the author uses within the work. The perpose of literary is to demenstrated why the author used specific ideas, word choices, or writing structures to convey his or her massages.
– How to creat a literary analysis.
1. focus on the ideas that are being presented. think about the characters’ development and the author’s wrting technique. what might be considered interesting, unusual, or important?
2. brain storm a lost of potential topics. highlight important passages in the text and take motes on these passages. later, when writing the paper, these oted should help a writer’s interpretation og the author’s massage. THE TOPIC CHOSEN SHOULD ALWAYS BE BASED ON A WRITER’S INTERPRETATION OF THE AUTHOR’S MESSAGE
1. charactaer – what observations might a writer make about the characters? Are there discrepancies in what they think, say, or do? when writing the paper, these notes should help a writer to remember which aspects of the story caught his/her attention. How does arthur describe the characters?
– are the characters “dynamic”(a dynamic character is a character that indergoes important changes throughout the work)?
– are the characters “static” characters (a static character is a chatacter that stays the same throughout the work)?
– are the characters “flat” characters(a flat charater is a character that does not have vivid character traits)?
-are the characters “round”characters (a round charater is a character that has cicid character trait)?
-are the characters symbolic or representative of some iniversal quality? -is it possible that two characters in the text mght be compared or contrasted?
what is the major idea ot theme of the work?
how does the author relay this theme? is there a greater meaning to the details given? how do the characters’ moods affect the theme? what allusions are made throughout the work? are there repeating patterns or symbols? what does the title say about the theme?
what is the auther trying to say. why is this important? when reviewing this work as a piece of art, what might a writer’s response be? what might a writer’s reactions be to the ideas presented in the work? are these odeas truthful or relevant to today and how? of a writer were asked what they thought of this work how might they respond? what points might a witer make?" identify the author;s purpose. ask yourself, what theme or main idea did the author want the reader to understand after he or she ahd finished reading?
[write a working thesis]
the analusis will need a strong thesis that states a writer;s perspecrive but also allows it to be debated. the thesis should state a writer’s opinion, but it should also allow readers to arrive at their own conclusions.
ex) Pride and Prejudice is about Elizabeth Bennet’s effort to overcome her own proud behavior and discrimination towards Mr. Darcy, as well as how her family is affected by the haughtiness and preconceptions of the society around them. this is a debatable thesis becaue it asks the reader, “does Elizabeth actually exhibit haughtiness and preconceptions? is this why she does not get along with Mr. Darcy? hwo si Elizabeth’s family affected by the haughtness and preconceptions of the society around them? avoid a non-debatable thesis!
Make an extended lost of evidence. find more evidence from the text( “Focus”) to support the working thesis. then select the evidence that will be used in the paper.
[refined the theis]
make sure the thesis fits with the evidence that has been presented.
organized the evidence.
Match the evidence to the order of the thesis. Delete any if the original textual supports that may no longer follow the thesis, and gather new evidence of needed.
Interpret the evidence. when writing a loterary analysis, it is very important for writer to make sure they express their own personal interpretaion of the work. Be careful that the literary analysis is not a summary.
[revise the analysis]
after completing the first draft, revise the analysis by considering the following questions.
-is the thesis stated in the first paragraph?
-is the sentence structure varied?
-does the structure of the analysis emphasize the main ideas?
-is the third -person point of view used throughout the entire essay?
-has the present tense been used ti discuss the work and past tense to describe the author’s background?
-have quotation marks been used around direct quotation?
-have the sourced been cited correctly according to MLA style?
-has extraneous information that does not support the thesis been eliminated?
-have the transitions been used between sentences and paragraphs?
this is it of my assignment instruction. Again, please read my order description carefully and work on my assignment. i do not want to aske you to revise it after you send me final draft. like i said, i do not want to spend my time on this essay. I’ll be your customer if you complete my essay that i want for. Good luck:)!
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