| October 23, 2015

While working for Jaguar of Troy, Jeffery Perry applied for leave under the FMLA, in order to take care of his son, Victor. Victor had learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
While Victor took medication and visited a doctor every six months, he could feed and dress himself. He rode the bus to and from school, played video games, watched TV, played with the neighborhood children, and rode his bike.
Two weeks after taking the leave, Jaguar informed Perry his leave was not considered to be covered under the FMLA. At the end of the summer, Perry inquired about his job and Jaguar told him it was filled, and there were no other jobs available.
Perry sued claiming Jaguar violated the FMLA by failing to permit him to return to his job.
Did Jaguar’s refusal of Perry’s leave violate FMLA laws? Why or why not?
Write a 1 to 2 page summary in Microsoft Word responding to this case. Use materials from this week’s readings and/or other research materials you may locate, to defend your answer. Fully explain your answer, telling the aspects of the case which would assist in determining if Jaguar violated any laws.

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