Flier With Word 2013

| November 17, 2015

Create a flier :


Pugs on Parade!


Come join us for the fifth annual “Pugs on Parade” party, Saturday, July 18, at Mercer Way Park from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.


(In a star like bubble except multiple pts) Admission is free!


(Insert pug pic)


(There will be a line and below the line the following text)


Prizes awarded for the best costumes.


1(directions continued) Create the title Pugs on Parade! as Word Art using the fill-black, text 1, shadow option. Cange the width to 6.5 inches, apply the can up transform effect, and change the textfill color to dark red.

Creat teh shape containing th etext admission is free! using the explosion 1 shape in the stars and banners section of the shapes button drop-down list.

Insert the pug.jpg pic. CHange the text wrapping for th epic to behind text and size and positon the picture to fit neatly.

Creat the line above the last line fo text as a top border. Change the color to dark red and width to 3pts.

Use spell check.

Save. doc as Wl1-c5-vb1-pugflier.

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Word 2013 3/6 of project

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