Fiscal policy measure has a more direct impact to the economy

| September 19, 2016

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Determine what fiscal policy measure has a more direct impact to the economy. Is it an increase in government spending or an equal decrease in taxes if consumer confidence is lower than the previous month? Explain your reasoning.
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xxxxxxx xxxxx ECONOMICS x
xxxxxxx’x name
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Determine xxxx xxxxxx policy measure has x more xxxxxx impact xx xxx xxxxxxxx Is it an xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx an equal xxxxxxxx xx taxes xx consumer xxxxxxxxxx is lower xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx month? Explain your reasoning.
Fiscal xxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxx that are xxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxx xx impact the xxxxxxxx this xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx spending. xxx xxx of xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx sustainable growth as well xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx government xxxxxxxxx government xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx when xxx economy xxx a xxx supply xx money and decreases xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and increase xxx when xxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx 1989).
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