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| February 10, 2014

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This module section:
Master Planning
Highlight the history of master planning;
List the steps involved in master planning;
List the major advantages of master planning, and
Identify the major obstacles to master planning.
Written Assignment: Master Plan Question 2
Write a short essay on the following topics from Module III. Your essay should be two
to three double-spaced pages in length. Based on the following criteria, describe what
would be found in your jurisdiction if a master plan analysis were done.
Is there a particular area that is high risk? What is it and why is it high risk?
What type of construction is most prevalent in your jurisdiction?
Are there many structures with a high fuel load?
How could the topography and climate of your area affect fire response and control?
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What should be done about a company that lies to the public about polluting the environment?

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