FIRE class homework

| October 17, 2015

the first thing is , you have to be proffecional in fire class , because i want a fuel grade to pass this class , thats why i need someone proffecional . The second thing is i uploaded the homework and i uploded the book too , to look at the codes and put them in the homework.So in the homework file , u could see the proffesor mention three names of building to take a pictures of them and write the codes and like that look at the homework file, so how u could get these pictures, u can go to google and write the name of any buliding that he mention and write the name of the university to while u write the building name. ( Estern Kentucky University).

the homework needs to be done in 9 hours , this is the deadline , and please the time is the most important .
Attachments: In respect to some scheduling conflicts with classroom space and the heightened concern on campus I have decided to replace our regular class time with an assignment.
Assignment 3:
Use NFPA 1 to identify 11 code compliantfeatures of a building. You may only use each feature once (example: exit sign: 1 picture plus book cite). Take a picture of each finding you have that displays a code compliant feature and use the text to support what you have found. You must also find 1 non code compliant feature and take a picture of that non-code compliant feature along with book cited violation. You may use any building off campus or you may use one or all three of the following buildings on campus. Perkin’s, Ashland, or Stratton buildings. You may only access areas that open to the public for your findings. This assignment is due by October 15th.

Example:The example may not be used as one of your findings.
Code Violation-Blocked exit.
Code cited- NFPA 1: 14.4.1 Maintenance: Means of egress shall be continuously maintained free of all obstructions or impediments to full instant use in the case of fire or other emergency.
NFPA 1: Exits shall be located and exit access shall be arranged so that exits are readily accessible at all times.

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