find a case study in which is compare the british and chinese intercultural communic 2920593

Find a case study in which is compare the British and Chinese intercultural communication conflicts arose in business environment

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actually is Intercultural Business Communication.

The intercultural business communication conflicts example including a Business failure due to intercultural conflicts, a bad management of multicultural groups, an
advertising campaign, etc.

The essay structure should be including:
1.Introduction- briefly introduce the British and the Chinese intercultural business negotiation culture. (Hofstede dimensions)
2. Body-
a. Choose a case study in book or news which is related the how misunderstanding due to the cultural differences would leading to the business conflict+ examples.
b. what is the biggest factor as to why the negotiation failed
c. How the situation could have been avoided it?
d. suggestion, solution?
3. Conclusion

link with these theoretical concepts (facework, guanxi (relationship in Chinese word), individualism/collectivism, high-/low-context culture, etc.) Illustrate these
concepts with examples/use them to explain conflicts among cultures.

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