Financing in emerging market Dissertation Topics

| January 24, 2015

With stronger fundamentals and better scope for investments, the financing in emerging markets such as Russia, China, India and Brazil has increased significantly in recent times. All the major organisations across the world are trying to develop their footprints in those markets to get a share of the emerging pie and expand their scope of business. Possible areas of research for your finance dissertation include:

  • Are emerging markets cheap?
  • UK Investors’ attitudes and perceptions towards investing in emerging markets.
  • The evolution and implementation of investment banking in emerging markets.
  • Financial stability in the banking system in emerging countries.
  • Stock price synchronicity and analyst coverage in emerging markets.
  • Market efficiency in emerging markets.
  • How can European financial supervision cater for cross-border issues?
  • An analysis of the current restructuring process in the banking sector of an emerging economy.
  • What is the potential impact of foreign direct investment on emerging economies?
  • Foreign direct investment in Asian economies.

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