Financial statement analysis of Saudi cement Company

| July 23, 2015

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i have uploaded the instructions about the assignment in a word file you have to read it first. it is required to do calculations for ratios and analyzing financial statement and comment on the result of the analysis. The name of the company that you are going to work on it is saudi Cement company it is a company in the kingdom of saudi ¬†arabia. First, in the Introduction:Briefly write assignment’s introduction and company’s description. Then the Business model of the company: Company’s major operations, Industry and economy analysis, Company’s major competitors, Major suppliers and creditors. Then the Financial overview: you should make trend analysis of 2012, 2013 and 2014 Analysis of balance sheet, Analysis of income statement, Analysis of cash flow statement, Analysis of equity statement it is required to Use graphs, tables or charts to show the results clearly and comment. Then the Financial analysis: You are required to calculate the ratios provided on exhibits 1.14 for your company (it is shown in word file i’v uploaded), Name of the ratio and its formula, Purpose of this ratio, Calculate for the latest year 2014, Comment and interpret the results (bullet points). Finally in Conclusion Briefly write assignment’s conclusion and summarize all your findings and if there is any recommendation. note: no plagiarism. please you have to do all the calculations using the latest financial statement or annual report and looking into the note to the financial statement


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