Financial Statement Analysis

| May 18, 2015

Assignment Details:

For one large international organization trading in the public domain, to be agreed by the tutor, critically analyze the company’s financial performance over the last 5 years, covering the following areas:

Background to the organization: An introduction to the company and its role within the wider international market; including competitors and current market conditions that may impact on its financial performance.

Analysis and Discussions: An analysis and evaluation of the data available in the organizations annual reports, including analysis that focuses on changes and developments both internal and external to the organization and their impact. On the basis of ratio analysis, comment and compare the key financial aspects (liquidity, solvency, activity, profitability and market position analysis) over the last 5 years. Finally prepare a report on the performance of the company over the last 5 years, based on your analysis.

Use the most recent financial statements from the current annual reports to take data for your analysis.


Conclusion: Although you are expected to make you conclusions on the basis of your analysis, a general conclusion is also necessary here with recommendations. You are expected to state the limitations to your analysis as well.


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