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| March 22, 2014

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I am responsible for portions 1, 7, and 8 in the project description document attached. I have also attached an outline for further guidance. Please utilize Microstrategies latest SEC 10-K located here for the financial information. This is my portion of a group project for which no work has been done yet, so there is nothing to collaborate with.
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Individual Case Analysis For Target
6) "AA-DD" model: a new look at policy effects in the short-run ("temporary") vs. long-run("permanent")context (ch 16, 17) . The IMF: nature, purpose and function; system collapse (ch 18). the european union and the euro: the history of fifty-heat movement toward close integration; problems and issues, introduction to international finance: derivatives: forward, option, swaps their roles in modern global economy (ch 20, 21). finally development issues: capital flows and debt crises of the last quarter-century; the changing tole if the IMF and the word bank; the role of MNE's; future prospects (ch 22)


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