Financial Modelling and Forecasting

| September 26, 2015

please note :
1) For the report the pages limit is 15 include one page for cover sheet and one page for references. Therefore, you have just 13 pages to write the report .
2) in the last part you need to work on specific forma, I will upload it later when it be available. (lab 9).
3) you need to have access to download the data. I attached the link on the structure paper. In case, if it does not work, please tell me to give you my access number to use it.
4) you can work in this assignment up to 15th of October.
5) number of excel pages are unlimited. So, you have no problem with that.
6)Please follow the structure carefully.

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Merger & Acquisition Project Proposal
Financial Modelling and Forecasting

Category: Company Analysis

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