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| April 19, 2014

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Part A: Explanatory synthesis essay
You are a cross-functional team made up of different operation function experts. You are required to write an
explanatory synthesis essay based on at least five, but no more than ten, reliable sources (academic articles such as
journal and conference papers) related to the application of operations design concepts and tools – that were
covered in the module – in the following sector:
– Financial and Banking services
(Please check Appendix A for allocation of topics to groups)
You MUST include the sources (i.e. references) with the final draft which must be typed in size 12 New Times
Roman font and double spaced. This paper should be 1500 ? 2000 words, not including the reference page. Your
reference page must be prepared according to the Harvard style guidelines.
Please note that the purpose of an explanatory synthesis ?is not to argue a particular point, but rather to
present the facts in a reasonably objective manner?. You are expected to explain to the reader the
connections you have identified about the topic from the material you have read. The synthesis is an
opportunity for you to make sense of the research relevant to your topic by picking your most significant
scholarly sources and articulating the relationships amongst and between them. (Please note that a
synthesis is not a case of summarizing each source one after the other in separate paragraphs.) If possible,
pick sources that differ from each other in some significant way (though they do not necessarily have to
be completely opposed to each other). Think about what the sources have in common, how they differ,
and how they are in conversation with one another.
Your synthesis will be an explanatory or informative one, not an argumentative one. Your introduction
needs to create a context for the reader to understand what will follow. Your additional goals for this
paper will be to incorporate direct quotations when relevant and to work on organization and
transitions as you move from one idea to the next to cue your reader about their connection.
The subject which we have covered ( managing quality , process Strategy, Design of goods and services, layout strategies, location strategies, job design). You should find number of articles talk about Financial and Banking services in terms of managing quality, process strategy, Design of goods and services, job design, layout strategies and location strategies), then think about what the sources or articles have in common, how they differ.
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