Financial Analysis

| November 13, 2015

Would you be able to help me complete this long finance assignment for my class by the due date requested?

I am attaching the assignment for your review. There are 10 questions and each of them requires clear and in-depth analysis. One question which is based on balance sheet and income statement requires accurate calculation and evaluation.

The score for each answer is posted right before the question, so you can determine the depth and requirement of each question to be answered.

Please let me know if you are willing to answer the questions for me. Your help would be much appreciated.


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Financial Analysis


1. When evaluating any investment in a firm – what is the key goal that you want to examine and



2. Mayport Industries is a well-respected and high growth firm in the communications equipment

manufacturing industry. This is, and is expected to continue to be, a very strong growth industry.

Mayport is also well known for its highly efficient production & marketing operations. Over the

next 12 – 18 months, what would you expect Mayport’s needs and issues to be?


3. After years of dominance by domestic firms in your industry, there are increasing signals of a

competitive shift. Notably, there is an increasing incursion of Southeast Asia firms, and they are

producing both a high caliber and lower cost product line. What are the implications for your firm

and its management – AND what do you recommend the firm do?


4. Elmer Corp. has approached your firm for a loan. They are pursuing a 5 yr loan intended to

support the expansion of their operations. Elmer Corp. is a very well established and a very

highly regarded firm in its industry. But it is a brand new customer for your firm and you have little

understanding of their business. Before preparing a full analysis, what key information do you

need to obtain & understand?


5. What is the most important cash flow measure of any business? Why?


6. You have been asked to provide business advice to a firm that is in a highly competitive

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