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| January 20, 2015

1) In the late 1990’s, the US Government decided to stop issuing 30 year maturity bonds. This caused turmoil in the bond market. One portfolio manager was quoted as saying “Without the 30’, where am I going to find dependable duration?”
Please explain the manager’s sentiment. Limit your answer to one page of text.
2) In a conversation with a bond portfolio manager, she states that given the current economic background and expectations for corporate profits, her investment firm is reducing the average credit quality of their portfolio holdings but maintaining a short to medium term duration.
What is the meaning of her comment? What do you suppose is their outlook for the economy and interest rates? Please limit your answer to one page of text.

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Asset prices such as stock prices always incorporate the best information about fundamental values and that prices change only because of good, sensible information ” (Shiller, 2003, page 83). Describe a theoretical framework of classifyin
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