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| January 7, 2016

FIN 321


Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability. Use the attached financial statements as needed.


  1. Using Apple Inc.’s 9/26/2015 (filing date 10/28/2015) annual report balance sheet and income statement, compute the following (using formulas provided in class):


    1. DuPont ROE analysis
  1. Equity Multiplier
  2. Asset Turnover
  • Profit Margin
  1. ROA
  2. ROE
    1. Quick Ratio
    2. Inventory Turnover
    3. Dividend Yield
    4. P/E Ratio (use price = $114.22, closing price on 9/25/2015)


  1. Why are initiations or increases in dividends seen as “good news” for a company?


  1. What are the pitfalls in P/E analysis?


  1. Use the financial statements of Apple to answer the following questions.


    1. Compute the book value and market value of Apple (price = $114.22). Compute both aggregate and per share.
    2. Using the dividend discount model, back out the capitalization rate of Apple. This entails computing “g” and then manipulating the Gordon Growth Model.       Does this rate seem reasonable?


NOTE: You can obtain the Apple financial statements from or from


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