Finance Case Study – Strategic Financial Planning

| November 24, 2015

Case Study 11.1: Tom Ponders Managed Funds


Tom would like to set up a program that enables him to supplement his superannuation fund and at the same time provide some funds for his child’s education. He feels he needs some backup in order to provide for the long-term needs of his family.

Although his income is modest, Tom feels that he can probably invest about $150 a quarter (and, with luck, increase this amount over time). He currently has about $10,000 in a savings account that he would be willing to use to begin this program. In view of his investment objectives, he is not interested in taking a lot of risk. Because his knowledge of investment extends to savings accounts and a little bit about managed funds, he approaches you for some investment advice.


  1. What types of managed fund investments would you set for Tom? Include in your answer some discussion of the types of funds you would consider, the investment objectives you would set, and any investment services (eg, withdrawal plans) you would seek. Explain.
  2. Consider the ratings and rankings of blend medium share funds reviewed by Morningstar. Nominate three you would recommend to Tom.

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