Finance Assignment

| May 20, 2015

(2000 Words)

Kaiser & Young talk about a concept they call “Blue Line Management”, which is focused on value creation. O’Byrne outlines a “Perfect pay for Performance” plan.

Describe Blue Line Management and O’Byrne’s PP4P compensation plan. Explain how PP4P could be used to enhance the Blue Line Management approach.

Kaiser, K. and Young, S. D. (2014), Managing for Value 2.0. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 26: 8–19. doi: 10.1111/jacf.12049

O’Byrne, S. F. (2014), Three Versions of Perfect Pay for Performance (Or The Rebirth of Partnership Concepts in Executive Pay). Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 26: 29–38.
doi: 10.1111/jacf.12051

this is intermediate corporate finance course. please use 8 to 10 references including the 2 main articles in this paper. do not use direct quotes. please paraphrase the quotes you use.


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