Final reflective paper

| May 20, 2015


Drawing on what you have learnt about group processes, group roles and group dynamics reflect on the adjourning stage of your stimulation group. Referring to the theory of group work describe behaviors you observed in the group illustrative of the stage, with particular reference to your own role, feelings and behaviors and the effect they may have had on others. What have you learnt from the group work model that will enable you to be a more effective group facilitator and member?

My simulation group is domestic violence perpetrators group. Each group members take term as facilitator and we passed the forming, performing, norming, working and termination stages. I have learnt that communication and trust are always the key in my group when we doing role play and each of us respect other’s viewpoints and perspectives. denial and grief and loss can be observed at the determination stage in my group since every group members get closed with each other.

Please use first person to address through out the whole paper

Please use Bruce W. Tuckman’s approach as one of the references ( my lecturer’s favorite) .




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