Final Project

| December 12, 2015

Final Project

Paper details:

This is about creating a business. It should be done in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point. It doesn’t matter how many pages or how long it’s going to be as long as all the information that need are in the work. (If it’s possible then make it not too long and not too short) However you think it should be and make it appropriate please. Thank you.

I actually attached the file as the materials, but for in case if it doesn’t open here’s the detail below:

You are the proud owner of a new store (restaurant or retail). You already own a few but you’re expanding to another area of the country. It’s your job to get the word out that your business is coming to town. To do this, you need to create the following documents using a variety of computer applications.

You are creating this from scratch. You are making up all the information from your head.

1. Expense Spreadsheet (Excel) (20 points)

Create a spreadsheet with the information for all your employees. You need at least 10 employees. Your spreadsheet should include the following categories:

1. Last Name

2. First Name

3. Social Security Number (fake)

4. Position

5. Location of Store (City)

6. Time In

7. Time Out

8. Total Hours

9. Hourly Pay Rate

10. Total Pay Create a formula that will calculate the total pay from the information given.

11. Save as LastName-Expense Sheet

2. Grand Opening Flyer (Word) (20 points)

Your flyer should include the following categories:

1. Name of your company

2. Choose a picture for your company

3. Location of company (Address, City, State, and Zip Code)

4. Date of the grand opening

5. Hours of operation

6. Phone number of your company

7. Include a descriptive paragraph about your product (add a border around the paragraph)

8. Apply a document theme

9. Apply styles to headings

10. Adjust mar

11. gins as needed

12. Use bulleted or numbered lists with indents to attractively arrange information

13. Set and use tab stops and indents as necessary to line up information

14. Apply borders, shading, and/or a horizontal line to set off information in your resume

15. Save as LastName-Flyer

3. Presentation (PowerPoint) (20 points)

You are presenting your company to the new businesses in the area. Create a presentation using the following categories:

1. Create a distinctive title slide using WordArt

2. Information about your company and/or product(s)

3. Use an attractive design

4. Select an appropriate theme for your topic

5. Use different slide layouts for variety

6. Add a footer

7. Insert pictures to illustrate your product

8. Insert a table

9. Insert a chart

10. Apply transitions

11. Apply text effects

12. Check spelling and include document properties

13. Save as LastName-Presentation

4. Company Web page (HTML) (20 points)

Create a distinctive web page for your company and include the following categories:

1. Title your Web page with your company’s name

2. Write a paragraph about your company and the products you sell

3. Insert a picture of the products and/or services of your company

4. Have an attractive background color

5. Add an external link to any website

6. Save as LastName –Webpage

7. Upload to your online student site

8. Use the student web site link in the flyer

5. Database (ACCESS) (20 points)

Create a blank desktop database using following categories:

1. Create a table

2. Import the excel LastName-Expense Sheet

3. Create a report of all the company employees

4. Create a report of all employees and their salaries

5. Create a query of all company employees and their locations

6. Create a query of only employees in a specific state (you choose that state)

7. Save as LastName–Database

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