Final Paper Abstract

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When publishing in professional and academic journals, writers submit a one paragraph summary of their paper, which is printed at the beginning of the paper, before the introduction. These summaries are called abstracts, and they allow researchers to quickly determine whether an article or paper will be useful to their own research. You have most likely encountered these abstracts while doing your own research, particularly on databases such as ProQuest.

For this assignment, you will write an abstract, or one paragraph summary, of your own Argumentative/Research Paper. You have not, of course, written your paper yet, but you should by now have a good idea of what you want to say in your paper. Writing the abstract will help you to focus your ideas and decide which evidence you want to use in your paper. The following elements should be mentioned in your abstract, although they should NOT be described in detail:

o Your thesis

o Main points of evidence you plan to use to support the thesis.

o Potential opposition/criticism of your thesis and your defense.

o Your conclusion as to how your thesis relates outwardly to the

larger picture (such as society, the world, life, or something similar).

Try to summarize each of the above in a sentence or two. You do not need to have all your evidence yet, or even your conclusion. If you are not sure about your conclusion, just mention it briefly in a general way.

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