Final Exam Case Study Analysis Assignment

| March 23, 2015

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Please create it within ENGLISH with Chinese style.
Final Exam Case Study Analysis Assignment: maximum 2 page paper- 12 pt font, double spaced. Please put your full name and course number on all pages. Do NOT use a cover page. Citations can be placed on a third page. Papers not meeting all of these requirements will be subject to a 10% reduction in their grade.
CASE: Social Media and the Planned Parenthood/Susan Komen Controversy
In this assignment you will be referencing a case and answering the questions below utilizing course concepts. Your grade will be determined by your choice, application and explanation of relevant and appropriate course concepts to each of the questions asked.
You will be evaluated based on your use of the most relevant and effective course concepts. Please keep in mind that this is a social media class and not a public relations or management class. Your responses should reflect an interpretation of this case specifically as it relates to the use of social media.
Please divide your assignment into 6 sections and NUMBER your responses. Please make sure you address all of the questions below:
1. Whichorganizationdoyoubelieveusedsocialmediamoreeffectivelyand why?
2. Whatroledidsocialmediaplayinthisconflict:asasupporterofTVreporting or did it lead the TV reporting and the TV reporting was the supporter of social media? Please explain your reasoning and cite specific social media platforms that played the largest role in the conflict.
3. Fromthecourseconceptswehavelearnedintheclasschoosethe3you believe were most significant in this conflict between Planned Parenthood and Susan Komen. Please explain the role of each concept and why you believe it to be one of the most significant.
4. Pleasediscussyourreasoningforeachconcept’sroleineffectingtheoutcome of the conflict. Please discuss each concept in a separate section; the concepts should be sections 4,5 and 6. Provide specific reasons as to why you chose each concept and why you believe each one to be one of the 3 best to employ. Also please make sure you provide specific examples of why you say that the concept was effective.


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