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| May 21, 2015

One page each for Question 1 and two. please write it differently, it is my final paper and my major grade depends on it. thanks.

1. Freedom during wartime or national emergency played an overarching theme in many of our discussions this semester. Based on our readings and discussions, trace the history of curtailment of civil liberties during wartime/national emergency and analyze why Constitutional freedoms become secondary during times of war or emergency. Note: Since this question is asking you to “trace” the history, that means you should examine the major periods we discussed and include specific examples beginning with the Civil War through the War on Terror.
2. Based on our discussion of the Constitution in the 21st century, in what ways has the Constitution stood the test of time in the 21st century? In your opinion, is the Constitution strong enough to deal with the constant change that has come to symbolize life in the modern world? Whichever side you choose to support, your argument must be defended using specific Supreme Court decisions. Note: This is a personal opinion question, but AVOID USING FIRST PERSON IN YOUR WRITING. There are ways to get your point across without stating “I think” or “In my opinion.”

3. Briefly discuss John Locke and his contributions to American political thought.

4. Briefly discuss the principle of judicial review. How is it relevant to our Constitutional freedoms?
5. Briefly discuss the Equal Protection Clause and analyze its significance using one of the decisions we studied this semester.

6. Identify the term Writ of Habeas Corpus and briefly discuss its significance to American Constitutional liberty.

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