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Many assignments of this course require dealing with real data, so you will have to know how to collect financial data. Many useful sources are listed in Course Resources under Webliography.
For this exercise, please choose a company that went public in 2009-2015 and then find the following information: 1) the date company went public; 2) how many shares it issued; 3) at what price it issued shares (IPO price); 4) what was the opening price on the first day of trading; 5) what was the closing price on the first day of trading.
What was the dynamics of the share price? Please share your thoughts.
The best source of some of this information is in company’s prospectus, so called form 424b4, which is filed with the SEC and available through its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR). Opening and closing prices are available from numerous sources, including, e.g., Yahoo Finance and Mergent.
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