Fin and Mngt

| September 16, 2016

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Submitted by Topnotch4 on Wed, 2016-09-07 19:25
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Fin and Mngt
I need excel sheet worked own. The answers must be shown in an executable formula. Check in the attached file. The course is prodction and finacila mangement.Submit one Excel file. Put each problem result on a separate sheet in your file
Attached is the full infor
Submitted by Dr.Vickline on Thu, 2016-09-08 23:29
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a) xxxxxx 360
xxxxx xxx
14-Sep xxx 386.33333333333331
xxxxxx 381 393.33333333333331
28-Sep xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx forecast of xxxxxx for xxxxxxx xx is just xxx moving xxxxxxx xx the previous week i.e week 6=374.33
xx xxxxxxx MA(3)
xxxxxx xxx xxx
xxxxx 389 xxx
xxxxxx 410 xxx 398.7
xxxxxx 381 xxxxx
xxxxxx xxx xxxxx
5-Oct 374 372.9
The xxxxxxxx of xxx demand of xxxxxxx 12 is xxxx the moving average xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx i.e 372.9
xx exponential xxxxxxxxx
31-Aug xxx
xxxxx 389 xxx
14-Sep xxx 383.20000000000005
21-Sep xxx 404.64
xxxxxx 368 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As xxxxxxx the forecast for xxxxxxx 12 is xxxx the xxxxxxx xxx week 6 i.e xxxxxxxx
xx Year xxxxxxx MA(2)
1 xxxx
2 4000 xxxx
x xxxx 3700
4 3800 3600
5 xxxx 3750
The forecast for xxx 6th year xx xxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx for xxx xxx xxxx xxx 3750
b) xxxx Miliage MA(2) xxxxx Error xxxxxxx |Error| |Error|/Miliage
1 xxxx
x xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx 500 xxxxx
x xxxx xxxx xxxx 90000 xxx 8.8235294117647065E-2
4 xxxx 3600 200 xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x xxxx xxxx 13690000 3700 x
n x SUM xxxx xxxxxxxx 4700 1.2658668731
MAD 820
xxxx xxxxxxx weight xxxxx Error
x xxxx xxx
x 4000 xxx xxxx 400
3 xxxx 3640 -240
x 3800 xxxx 160
5 xxxx 3700
SUM xxxx
MAD 804
d) xxxx xxxxxxx exponential smoothing
x 3000
x 4000 3000
x xxxx 3500
x xxxx 3450
5 3700 xxxx
xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx 6th xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx
Month xxx Accidents(y’s)
xxxxxxx 1 xx
xxxxxxxx x xx
xxxxx x xx
xxxxx 4 90
Forecast xxx x 85
xxxxxxxx xxxx
Period xxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Demand xx xxxxxx Seas.fact
xxxxxx xxxx 1.0059779077322937
xxxxxx xxxx 1.0902280768907602
xxxxxx xxxx 1100 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fall xxx xxxxxx 0.56470588235294117 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx 1.0105263157894737 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Spring xxxx 1343.75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Summer 2100 xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxx 1337.5 0.56074766355140182 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx 1000 1350 0.7407407407407407 1.0037037037037035
xxxxxx 1600 xxxx 1.2075471698113207 1.1144118827780007
xxxxxx xxxx 1425 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1.4035087719298245
Fall 650 1525 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Winter xxxx xxxx 1.2666666666666666 1.2666666666666666
Spring xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1.0212765957446808
Summer xxxx
xxxx xxx
Thus using the unadjusted value for the 4th year xxxxxxx we have xxx year xxxxxx xxxx be
Spring xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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