Film & Theater studies Assignment

| January 18, 2016

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1: In SHUFFLE: Drag a piece of audio onto your track
Using the SELECTOR TOOL highlight and delete a section of the track–what happens?
2: In GRID:
Using the SELECTOR TOOL place your insertion point on the track — ZOOM in super close — what do you notice about this mode? Can you click anywhere??
3: In SPOT:
Using the GRABBER TOOL move the track to a new location. What happens when you do this? What are you able to do??
4: In SLIP:
Using the SELECTOR TOOL highlight a section of the track and delete it. How is this different that in SHUFFLE?
5: Using the GRABBER TOOL move the audio to a new track. How is this different than in SPOT?
6: Using the TRIMMER TOOL chop sections off the head and the tail of the clip. Now expand it. What do you notice about this tool?
7: Drag the SCRUB TOOL across the track. Describe what it’s doing and when you might find this tool useful.
8: ZOOM waaaaaaaay into the clip. How are do you have to zoom in to use the PENCIL TOOL? What can you do with it once you do?
9: Go to the TRACK VIEW pulldown menu. Change the volume of the track. What tools can you use to assist you with this? Describe

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