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| July 28, 2016

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In order to complete this assignment you will select a historically and culturally significant film that was produced in the twentieth-century U.S., prior to 1990. After repeatedly viewing the film, analyze the films value as a historical document. Your paper should illuminate the era in which the film was produced. Thus, if you are writing about Gone with the Wind, a film produced in the 1930s but set in Civil War times, your topic will be the ways that the film reflects the 1930s rather than the ways that the film reflects the Civil War era.

summarized instruction:

– in no more than one page, summarize the plot or story line of the film

– in no more than two pages, discuss the circumstances surrounding the production of the film and how the public and critics regarded the film (using outside sources i will provide)

– in at least 3 pages, discuss ways in which the film reflects American interests, values, concerns, and conditions at the time that the film was produced. (use specific examples from one published scholarly history)

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