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| February 12, 2014

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American Noir: Political Paranoia, Social Malaise by Richard Martin (this was handed out during the pre-session; an electronic version is available on the Blackboard site).
Spicer, 1-26 (required text; available for purchase at the Bentley bookstore)
Just a reminder from the pre-session to have the course text and handouts with you next week and to try to read as much as possible before class begins, as there is reading due each day. If you read chapters and articles ahead of time, be sure to take good notes for your concept maps and class discussions.
Concept Map # 1 – Create a visual mapping of the first day’s readings. Details of this assignment are outlined in the syllabus. Connect ideas and concepts you see between the two readings as much as possible. And, make sure to answer the questions on the back of the mapping. If you need another copy of the concept map, it is available for download on the Blackboard site. Be prepared to submit your map on 1/13 at 9AM.
Create a account – if you do not have a WordPress account. Scroll to the bottom of the home page, and click REGISTER to create an account. I will ask you on Monday for your alias (if you do not use your name).
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