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| March 14, 2014

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Paper on a Musical Subject.
You may choose from a variety of topics for your paper. For example: musical culture (jazz in the 1920’s, music of particular ethnicity, hip-hop culture, etc.), musical genre (19th century opera, film music, video game music, etc.), a composer/band/artist (Stravinsky, Wagner, Metalica, Beatles, Mariah Carey, etc.), music history or instrument(s) (guitar, piano, clarinet, drums, etc.)
Get approval before starting your research and writing. You must type your report using size 12 Font with 1 inch margins and double spacing. It should be at least 7-8 pages long with a “Works Cited” list at the end. You may include pictures and musical examples if they help your paper, but these should be in addition to the required number of written pages. PROOF READ your paper. Sloppy work will result in the paper receiving a low grade. “A” papers are organized, thoughtful, researched and free of grammar/spelling mistakes. You will be expected to briefly talk about your topic to the class on Final Project day.
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compare the roles of the church and the secular powers in the medieval art and society.
Issues in popular music


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