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Fill in the blanks with suitable words

  1. Depreciation is a term used to denote decrease in the book value of _______.
  2. Depreciation is a permanent ________ in the book value of an asset.
  3. “Depletion” refers to _______ deterioration by exhaustion of natural resources.
  4. The term “Amortization” refers to _______ deterioration of intangible assets.
  5. Book value (as on date of sale) = original cost _______.
  6. Under Straight Line Method, the book value of the asset becomes _______ or to its _______ value at the end of its useful life.
  7. Under Written Down Value Method, the rate of depreciation remains ________ year after year, whereas the amount of depreciation goes on ________.
  8. Under Written Down Value Method, depreciation is charged at a fixed percentage on ________ in the first year and on ________ in subsequent years.
  9. Under Straight Line Method depreciation remains _______.
  10. Depreciation Fund Account shall appear on _______ side of Balance Sheet.
  11. Depreciation Redemption Fund Investment Account shall appear on the ________ side of the Balance Sheet.
  12. Revenue Reserves are created out of ________ available for distribution by way of dividend.
  13. Provision is a _______ against profit.
  14. Reserve is an _______ out of profit.
  15. The amount of depreciation remains constant year after year under _______.

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