Fictions of Human Desire

| February 24, 2014

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The essay must be a minimum of 1500 words. Please e-mail these to me by 11:59pm on February 19.
How do the endings of Sherman Alexie’s short stories clarify (or obscure) his use of sexual content?
How do Joseph Boyden’s and Geary Hobson’s construction of personae contribute to their respective arguments? Of what use is “literary voice” in essay writing?
What function does sexual antagonism serve in Gouge’s stories about Turtle?
Compare the treatment of infidelity in Sherman Alexie’s and Earnest Gouge’s stories. How does adultery contribute to the message of the stories?
What are the advantages (or disadvantages) of interpreting the poetry of Joy Harjo along the lines of sexual desire?
What is the basis for attraction in Eddie Chuculate’s “YoYo”? How does telling the story primarily from Jordan’s point-of-view clarify (or obscure) this?
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Diagnostics: Explain clearly the processes by which you identified your development need, drawing on relevant theories (where appropriate). Why was this need a priority for you at the time?
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