| November 18, 2015

The essay should be written in third person view.

The critical analysis essay should address the following:
– critical assessment of the topic.
– explore associated benefits and limitations of the techniques employed.
– research past case examples and suggest further applications
– discuss the impact on other areas of forensic science.

The critical analysis essay should include:
– abstract
– introduction
– body
– discussion (use first person reference)
– conclusion

In the abstract part: its a summary and overview. (6 lines length)
In the introduction part: setting a scene and provide background information about the subject and what you tend to discuss + why do you think the topic is important.
In the body part: factual bit + what you found out about the subject + case examples+any data+any more research.
In the discussion part: this is the analysis part + limitation to subject area + future application + benefits of the area+ own opinion about the subject+ how will it help solve crimes+ what are perceptions within criminal justice system+what research is required for the subject to move on to evidential techniques and how are they validated.
In the conclusion part: assess all opinions + what do you think + state reasons for your opinions.

note: please don’t mix facts and discussion.

If you don’t know what is critical analysis essay? consider the following:
*Comparison? – compare & contrast
*What are the limitations of…?
*What are the future applications of…?

references: please use journals, newletter articles, books, and case examples.

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